International Budo Kaikan

IBKThe International Budo Kaikan Foundation (IBK) was formed by Kaicho Jon Bluming. The purpose and goals of the IBK are the proliferation of Budo and Kyokushin in the world.To enlighten the general public about the positive effects of Budo training.To create optimal conditions for the pursuance of Budo training with special emphasise on youth and women.The International Budo Kai has non-racist and non-sexist policies.The International Budo Kaikan is of high standard and it is the ambition of the Foundation to keep it as harmonious and devoid of political intrigues as possible.The IBK is like a large family and it is the family atmosphere which is one of its prime assets.Only well organised Dojo's of good technical standard are accepted, size is not of importance.Each country has it's own branche chief (sometimes more than one), who must be able to document his/her progress in Budo, with valid certification.Before a Dojo or teacher is accepted for membership, it is required that representatives from the Dojo in question visit one of the European Training Camps or one of the European Headquarters.

As a further alternative, it can be arranged for one of the Senior Instructors of the IBK to visit the Dojo in question. This Instructor will be appointed by the European Headquarters.Karate, as it is known, has been around for less than a hundred years. Unfortunately most karate systems have not taken advantage of the progress made through the application of scientific principles to physical training.Many traditional Karate systems are guilty of perpetuating a "Karate myth" about their styles, styles that have remained unchanged since their conception.The training methods of the IBK are constantly being revised and improved.A major complaint levelled at the more main-stream, commercial schools of Karate are the lack of any realistic self-defence techniques.One of the primary advantages of the IBK is its "AllRound Fighting" approach.These approaches contain pre-set movements that are specifically designed to teach the students to protect themselves against the most common street attacks.These are based, initially, on the students' natural reactions and are developed as the students progress through the grades. The students learn simple, yet dynamic techniques from their first lesson. This is all practised with an Uke (partner).There is no set timetable for the conversion to the International Budo Kaikan Grading Syllabus or training methods, but all Dojo's joining the IBK, are expected to complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.The pace of the conversion depends on the Dojo in question. Sometimes the students are attached to the system which was practised before joining the IBK, and for the sake of the internal harmony of the Dojo, it is best to take the conversion at a leisurely pace. However, most Dojos manage a complete conversion in a period of between two to three years.

The International Budo Kaikan is represented by selected country representatives (Dai-Shihan) in the following countries:

Country Representatives (Dai - Shihan)

  • Afghanistan: Shahab Rahmatullah

  • Algeria: Ali Kacimi

  • Aruba: Francis Limonier

  • Belgium: Eric Van Vaerenbergh

  • Bonaire: Joop van der Linden

  • Congo: Paulin Kamuangu

  • Croatia: Mladen Sancic

  • Danmark: Raffi Liven

  • Danmark: Flemming Schrøter

  • France: Lionel Bricnet

  • Germany: Oliver Witte

  • India: Syed M. Mohiuddin

  • India: Sunil Kumar

  • Ireland: Shane Thomas

  • Italy: Andrea Stoppa

  • Japan: Tatsuya Shikano

  • Latvia: Sergey Denisov

  • Nepal: Rajendra Subedi

  • Netherlands: Henk Kuipers

  • Norway: Wolfgang Tauer

  • Pakistan: Ali Basharat

  • Russia: Yury Egorov

  • Russia: Andrey Anufriev

  • Russia: Georgy Astafiev

  • Rumania: Gyula Lukacs

  • Rumania: Liviu Vanau

  • Scotland: Marc Howes

  • South Afrika: Jacob Moeketsi

  • South Afrika: Reinout Meijboom

  • Spain: Pedro Roiz

  • Sri Lanka: Renil Fernando

  • Suriname: Remie Burke

  • Usa: Alan Beebe

The IBK holds annual different types of tournaments, courses and seminars concerning "All round Fighting" all over the world. All of them are guided by excellent trained people such as International Referees, Promotors, Organisors and trainers.